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Corporate Responsibility

Companies’ approaches to corporate responsibility are as diverse as the terminology used to identify it. Some firms refer to it as corporate citizenship while others label it as corporate social responsibility (CSR), sustainability, or the triple bottom line. Initiatives can range from community volunteering to retrofitting facilities for energy efficiency or designing products that both meet market demands and help address social problems.

Corporate responsibility encompasses corporate activities related to community involvement, philanthropy, environmental, and governance issues and at its heart is about the role business plays in 21st century society. Firms that embrace corporate responsibility seek to strengthen their relationship with communities and build sustainable strategies for addressing large societal issues.

To practice corporate responsibility successfully, companies make a commitment to integrate it with the overall business strategy in a way that makes corporate responsibility part of the firm’s DNA. A company that integrates corporate social responsibility with its business goals has at its disposal a more robust set of tools for serving customers, shareholders, and communities.

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Corporate Citizenship Strategy: Connect to Your Business and Community

Do you ever feel that your citizenship department is a collection of activities without a unifying thread or grand plan? Are you starting with a blank slate and want to plan for success? Strategic planning is one of the most difficult but critical activities a citizenship professional can do to understand potential value and the steps he/she will take to reach it. Corporate citizenship professionals are increasingly responsible for developing a strategy to address the environmental, social, and governance aspects of business. To gain the support of senior leaders and create the most impactful programs, you need to use the models that CEOs use to determine the company’s corporate strategy, the tools for identifying opportunities to align with corporate strategic goals, and the frameworks for evaluating your company’s ability to support those goals.

When: November 2-4, 2016
Where: San Francisco, CA

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